Apple & Cheese Sticks for Tots


This is a fun snack for toddler around 2-3 years old.  It just like adult fruit and cheese pairing with crackers. I decided to dice some apple and baby bel cheese, then throw in some whole wheat gold fish crackers in it to entice the little eyes.

So this snack is simple and easy to assemble. You can also have your toddler help you assemble it and make it fun.


1/2 apple, slice and dice into 20 bite size chunks

1 baby bel, slice and dice into 10 bite size chunks

10 tooth picks

2 tablespoon Gold Fish Crackers


  1. Assemble as shown on picture above. Slide apple into tooth picks, add in cheese and top off with another apple cube.
  2. Use a small cup (dixie cups works too) and add in 2 tablespoon Gold fish crackers and arrange the kebabs on top.

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