Nutrition for Infant 6-9 Months

If you are a first time mom (FTM), surviving the first 6 months after your baby is born is definitely worth celebrating. If you are an experienced mom, then kudos to you for your bravery to take on the second or third kids challenge.

Being a mother is a 24/7 job and  not counting the sleep deprivation, trying to establish breast milk supply, constant worrying and the emotional roller coaster post-partum and the list goes on. None the less, you have made it past the most difficult months but there’s still a lot more ahead we have to know about your baby’s nutritional well being when they are ready to embark on the solid foods journey.

Now that you’ve mastered their schedule down to a tee, let’s talk food 🙂

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6 -7 Months

Starting solids is a big step for your baby. But where do you start ? Answer is start simple, one food at a time and there’s no right or wrong on whether you start rice cereal, fruits, vegetables or meat first. There’s no research to support whether the starting order of vegetables first will make your infant to be more incline to eating vegetables later. Nope, no such things. Breast milk and infant formula are sweet to begin with, so most babies will have a tendency to like fruits much better than others.

Offer a wide variety of foods (cereal, fruits (no juice at this time), vegetables, meats), but only single food at a time. Start with one food, offer for 2-3 days and then introduce the next to rule out any potential allergies. But do remember, do not add salt at this time as baby’s kidney are still developing. This will go on for about two months time to let them try as much food as possible. By the end of 7 months, the list of food they can consume will grow to about 30-35 foods.

You can also lightly seasoned the foods with spices, herbs as well at about 7 months. Introducing purees doesn’t equate to eating bland foods for your children. Expose them with different flavors which in turn will help them be more of a adventurous eater later on. They don’t have to like it, by just exposing them with variety of flavors profile will do.

How much to offer ? About 1/2-1 Tablespoon is a good start at each meal. Let your baby be the guide on how much they wanted to eat. Baby will turn their head or spitting out food when they are done with eating.

Key Point:  At 6-7 months of age, solids foods are consider a “complimentary” foods. As in it is just supposed to be letting the infant to experience the different taste of food and continue to work on their oral motor development. Food at this point are not suppose to replace their major source of nutrition (breast milk or infant formula. 90% of their caloric intake should still be breast milk or infant formula at this time (approximately 26-32 ounces daily).

8-9 Months

After your baby has time to master the oral motor skills for 1-2 months. Now is time to introduce some chunky purees now. If you are interested and aren’t afraid of baby led weaning (BLW) techniques, you can also try giving your baby well cooked vegetables, soft ripen fruits (cut in stripe or small cubes), soft/ground meats (fish/meat balls) with careful supervision at dining table. At this time, most baby has the capability to chew with or without teeth and swallow without much difficulty.

You can start introduce cheese, yogurt (not cow’s milk or goat’s milk yet), egg yolk and egg whites if you like. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Allergy organization have released reports that early introduction of high allergenic food such as egg whites, wheat, nuts can reduces even high risk infants of developing egg/nuts allergies later on.

How much to feed ? Making sure to offer about 1-2 Tablespoons of each food groups (Grains/bread, fruit, vegetables, meat/meat substitute) at meal time if possible. They can have more if desire. Can start offering snacks in between feeding such as cheese, yogurt, teething biscuit, cut up fruits.

Don’t let anyone (family, friends or co-workers) to put you down whichever methods you choose and how you feed your children.  As long as your baby is growing well and eating nutritious meals within the recommended guidelines, do what works for your family! One size doesn’t fit all.

However, do remember that at this time. Baby still need their main source of nutrition from breast milk and infant formula. About 70-80% of caloric intake from breast milk/infant formula (~24 ounces per day) and the rest from solids. Continue with no to minimal salt with cooking for the foods that will be served to your baby at this time frame.

Once they started to eat more solids, their poop will change to more of a darker solids form and sometimes even becoming less frequent with their bowel movement. Offer 1/2-1 ounce of water during meal time and also feed your baby fruits that helps to relieve constipation such as prunes/pears/peaches/plums. If your baby hasn’t poop in 3 days, you can offer 1 oz prune juice / apple juice mix with 1 oz of water and massage their belly to help stimulate bowel movement. Always call the pediatrician for advice when you are worried.

Egg Decorating without Dye

Happy Easter !!! Hope all of you have a wonderful celebration with families and friends.

I don’t particular like dying the egg because  the color doesn’t always comes out as nice as it was shown on the box display. Maybe I was doing something wrong but none the less, it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. Arts certainly wasn’t in my gene.

So, thankfully for all the wonderful internet ideas. There’s a bunch of dye-free eggs decorating tips I found and I think it’s perfect fun for my daughter to experience this easy and fun to do craft project. There’s also a kit from Spritz that filled with stickers, tape, and other decorative themes such as princess and pirates and that I found in Target which cost only $5.oo, which I think is priced reasonably well.

There’s also other ways you can dye the eggs without using commercial food dyes but I’m lazy to make homemade food coloring from foods (spinach for greens, beets for red/pink, blueberries/blackberries for blue, red cabbage for purple, onion skin or turmeric for orange/yellow/gold) in a time crunch. It did crossed my mind but decided not to this year.

So, I opted for the convenient and less messy way to let my daughter experience her first egg decorating fun. Simply boiled the eggs, put on decorative washi tape, a touch of embellishment and it is done. With our monitoring, we also dyed some eggs and let her made an octopus from the pirate kit I purchased.


Stay tune for the egg recipes later …



Back in business

Hi All,

Thank you for being patience all this 5 weeks while I was away in Malaysia. I haven’t been updating as much as my daughter was sick, teething and now trying to adjust back to the time zone (16 hours difference).  It’s been an amazing trip home to spend time with my beloved family and letting my daughter getting acquainted with her maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

With that said.  I’ll start working on what I’ve left off and continue to write nutrition articles and developing recipes that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Thanks again for all your continuous support for Kinder Nutrition.

International Travel with a Toddler

I have much more appreciation for my husband now that I have traveled across the globe with an active toddler by myself. I think it is doable if everything is well planned ahead and having a ‘ take it easy ‘ attitude the entire trip (22 hours) when trying to contain an energy overloaded child in a confined space.

Here’s a few tips on how I survived:

Transit in family friendly airport
This time I’ve decided to transit in Taipei as it provides us with the best options when flying with EVA airways. Great transit time, family friendly airport, supportive staff with good amenities (good quality baby bassinet that could hold a 13kg infant/toddler with sanitized covers, secured buckle for bassinet, free diapers during in flight and transiting, adequate time in between toddler meal time and adult meal services and toys/activities to keep them occupied).

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport has different theme at the boarding gate, ranging from theater experience brought by Sony, Aborigines culture/history, Nature, Children Playground, Hello Kitty to Gaming Zone. You’ll sure find an area that can keep your children occupied. At each concourse there’s a nursing room that has two padded changing table with free wipes and diaper, a nursing room, sofa and a crib. They also provide baby friendly rinse aid for cleaning the milk bottle or hand washing.

Check in all your luggage
If you are travelling alone with children, please check in all your luggages. It will make your life much easier the entire trip. Don’t even try to bring a rolling carry on because trying to chase a running kid while hauling your carry on alone is a pain.

Stock Your Diaper Bag with Goodies
I only bring a large backpack style diaper bag with lots of things for my 19 months old. Even my co workers are still worried that I didn’t have enough. Now I still think I over pack some. Here’s what I have in my bag :
* 6 diapers + 1 pack travel size wipes
* 2 sets of clothes (one set for tropical wear when landed and another for changing if leakage or explosive number 2 were to happen)
* water bottle / Sippy cup
* pacifier if your baby is using one
* 3 different type of snacks (fruit pouch, cereal bars, PB sandwich)
* Mini toy she hasn’t seen before
* Color wonders marker and paper
* Emergency kit (Tylenol, benadryl, syringe, thermometer, bandaid, desitin, & moisturizer)

Request for additional assistance
Don’t feel bad asking for help from the passengers sitting next to you. Most of them willingly lend a helping hand while you are trying to eat or go to the lavatory. I was very lucky that the grandma besides me really like my daughter and they play and sing songs together when I’m finishing my meal or having to go get her milk from the cabin cooler and heat it up.

Baby carrier vs Stroller vs Leash
I have debated with myself many days whether I should bring a stroller or baby carrier or both. I’ve researched online and are getting mixed review. I walked myself through different scenarios and decided baby carrier is my best options and I still believed I made the right choice. This is because while I transit at the airport, they provided me with a baby stroller and I just have to leave it at the gate when I depart. I used the carrier during boarding and deplane and walking when she wanted me to hold her. Other time I let her run around with the skip hop back pack and keeping the leash on without her knowing.

Travelling alone with children really isn’t an easy task. Overall my daughter behaved well until the last 3 hours where she’s overly tired with jet lag and started screaming loudly when I tried to put her to sleep. I still have the return flight back to the States in a month and hopefully it will be a good one as well. I don’t think I would travel internationally again with a toddler without my husband 🙂

I think that flying on a red eye flight also help cause she did sleep for a good 6 hours of the first 13 hours flight across the Pacific Ocean. So, if you ever decided to fly with infant or toddler. I would strongly suggest flying late night. We quickly adjusted to the time difference in Asia within 24 hours of landing.

Happy Chinese New Year 猴年快乐

IMG-20160207-WA0003Happy Lunar New Year everyone!! Thank you all very much for reading and following Kinder Nutrition since December 2015.

Chinese New Year is one of my favorite holidays of all time. It is the largest celebration for the Chinese all over the world. What’s so special about it ? Well, the food(my favorite), the festivity (15 days of celebration, who can top that?), hanging out with the family, getting pocket money and visiting friends to name a few.

This year I’m bringing my daughter travelling 9000 plus miles to my hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year (CNY) with my side of the family. With that said, I won’t be updating the blog for awhile with new nutrition info, but will be sharing my journey, the foods and culture of Malaysia with all of you.

I wish everyone have a prosperous new year ahead with good health and wealth ! Gong Xi Fa Cai.