Egg Decorating without Dye

Happy Easter !!! Hope all of you have a wonderful celebration with families and friends.

I don’t particular like dying the egg because  the color doesn’t always comes out as nice as it was shown on the box display. Maybe I was doing something wrong but none the less, it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. Arts certainly wasn’t in my gene.

So, thankfully for all the wonderful internet ideas. There’s a bunch of dye-free eggs decorating tips I found and I think it’s perfect fun for my daughter to experience this easy and fun to do craft project. There’s also a kit from Spritz that filled with stickers, tape, and other decorative themes such as princess and pirates and that I found in Target which cost only $5.oo, which I think is priced reasonably well.

There’s also other ways you can dye the eggs without using commercial food dyes but I’m lazy to make homemade food coloring from foods (spinach for greens, beets for red/pink, blueberries/blackberries for blue, red cabbage for purple, onion skin or turmeric for orange/yellow/gold) in a time crunch. It did crossed my mind but decided not to this year.

So, I opted for the convenient and less messy way to let my daughter experience her first egg decorating fun. Simply boiled the eggs, put on decorative washi tape, a touch of embellishment and it is done. With our monitoring, we also dyed some eggs and let her made an octopus from the pirate kit I purchased.


Stay tune for the egg recipes later …