Easy Greek Yogurt Creamsicle (酸奶冰条)

As the weather warming up in Oregon, making some cold snacks has been the routine between me and my husband.  Now we have a little tot running around, I’ll have to make something sweet but at the same time nutrient pack as well.

I’ve recommended this type of greek yogurt pop for a lot of the kids I see in clinic to help them get the calories and protein they need to gain weight. Greek yogurt is caloric dense, less sugar and high in protein, plus the probiotic benefits is good for their digestive system as well.

I’m using the full fat type of yogurt as fat free is not recommended for any children age 2 and below because they needed the fat for their brain development. If you have an older kid, feel free to use the low fat yogurt to cut down the calories unless they are underweight and needing the calories for weight gain.

This is another easy recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone in the house 🙂


5.5 oz of full fat peach Greek yogurt (one container)
2-3 Tablespoon regular strawberry yogurt (to add a little sweetness or you can use frozen strawberries puree too)
2 Tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt
1/4 Cup of orange juice


  • Mix all ingredients together and put into the Popsicle mold or use paper cups with ice cream sticks.
  • Tap the bottom of the mold to ensure the content settle to remove the air bubbles.
  • Put in freezer and let it freeze for 2-3 hours. It will make 4-5 creamsicle depending how large the mold is.